:: Entertainment

Yes! There will be entertainment and opportunities to inform yourself galore, all of which will be posted at the festival site.


:: Music

On all three days bands will be performing and offering a variety of sound and music. We try to arrange the music program so that it is as diverse as possible. That way there should be something for each and everyone. Punk fans will get their money’s worth as well as Reggae enthusiasts, rockers or fans of less hard styles. The exact band line-up will be found on our homepage shortly before festival begin.


:: Food and Drink

To provide nourishment for the masses, food venues will offer a wide variety of cuisine. In addition to these choices, organic food and “Fair Trade” products will be offered in cooperation with EZA and “Weltladen”.

There will of course be several bars that will be happy to fulfill your needs so you won’t have to worry about becoming dehydrated. Comforted by this knowledge, there should be nothing to stand in your way of enjoying three fun-filled and relaxing days.

In case you have an idea and/or want to contribute to one of the above mentioned venues, please let us know and we will get back to you.


Check festival acts page before the event to find out more about performing acts.

Kulturverein Sozialforum Freiwerk


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