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:: Project information

The “Kulturverein Sozialforum Freiwerk” organization is now planning its fifth in a row charity and integration festival “Bock Ma’s,” taking place in August, for the benefit of Ms. Ute Bock’s refugee project (for more information see: Based in Vienna, this association is solely run on a volunteer basis with the purpose of giving support to asylum applicants in Austria, who are homeless and/or unemployed. The organization is naturally dependant on financial as well as ideological support, no matter how small.

This project is based on the help of people who are interested and would like to make a contribution to the festival in any possible form. We are looking for people who like parties and concerts and can offer something interesting or useful within the framework of a festival. This could be performance art, any kind of stall to sell food, second-hand clothes, records, et cetera.

About 250 volunteer workers have been involved actively at the “Bock Ma’s” each year, generating tousends of visitors to come and show their support for the organization’s work, resulting in sold-out events. Since 2005 we were able to spend more than 70.000 euro to Ute Bock.

:: Unity

The fundamental idea behind this project is to involve all who are interested in supporting a “good cause” by putting their shoulder to the wheel to assist us, by selling merchandise or contributing some form of entertainment. So this year we are inviting anyone who can identify with this project to come forward and volunteer their services. Creativity and personal commitment know no boundaries! You can offer home-made food or have a garage sale or a flea market – the possibilities are endless. We are also looking for performance artists who would like to entertain the masses.

:: Social responsibility & “Kulturklima” (Climate-Culture)

The crux of the project is that the total net profit of the whole event will be donated to Ute Bock’s organization. This means that every bit of profit that is made, as well as the fees for the performing bands is donated to the “cause.”

“Bock Ma’s” will be also taking part again in the “Klima-Kultur / Kultur-Klima” Project, the same as last year, and thereby entering into extensive cooperation with the NGOs “Klimabündnis OÖ” (“Climate Alliance of Upper Austria”), “Fairtrade,” and “Weltläden” (“World Shops”) and its affiliates. Themes that will be touched upon at the festival will include the exploitation of the environment and the unfair payment of workers in underdeveloped countries. “Fairtrade” items, as well as organic products will be sold on the premises.

:: Anti-racism & Anti-discrimination

In our view, the things that are vital for a society are its cultural diversity and the right of every individual to personally develop in his/her own way. This is the reason why we choose connecting over separating. This can be seen in our goal to bring individuals or groups that are often excluded from our culture and society into our midst to integrate them into our community. Discrimination of any kind is to be shunned, be it of a cultural, linguistic, political or of a racial nature, as well as any actions that are motivated by racism. The way we view ourselves and how we view others makes it impossible for us to identify with those who tend to support the exclusion of others or whose actions undermine humans by using them solely to maximize their profits. With the Bock Ma’s Festival we are actively trying to do something to improve the situation, and we ask you to show your support by being there in any way, shape or form that you can.

It is also obvious that the only way to put on such a large event and make it a success is when everyone who contributes has the right attitude and is willing to work together as a team. If each and every single person does their part, to the best of their ability, the festival can be nothing but a success that will make a lasting impression on the memories of all participants for years to come. Anyone who has taken part in the previous two Bock Ma’s Festivals will tell you the same. We will be showing our fellow human beings that it is possible to put on something of this caliber without the support of industry or of the state and that we are doing our share of making this world a better place.


Location: Altwartenburg (Castle) Ruins in Timelkam, Upper Austria, Austria
Duration: August 27-29, 2009 (Thursday to Saturday)
Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

We will make the infrastructure available to anyone who requests it and we take complete responsibility for the management of the concert. The rest is up to you! Don’t be afraid to send us your suggestions – we would love to hear from you. We are totally psyched about bringing this fantastic event to life with your help.


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