:: Realizing

The deplorable state of current affairs in the world around us have caused us to have little hope that political institutions or sensible people would intervene. And it seems that we are thus left with no other choice but to step into the ring ourselves and take definite action. Politics would be a substantial opportunity to redesign social existence according to various social, humanistic, and ecological viewpoints if it wasn’t for its being riddled by very unbalanced interests for some time now. Especially the doctrine of economic profit maximization signifies an almost unlimited amount of wealth in the hands of a chosen few at the expense of the majority of the population. Moreover, this offense of the Western world against the principle of solidarity has led to the exploitation, oppression, and the piling up of ecological debts in the so-called developing countries. To lead a self-determined life in dignity has become the impossible dream for people of such countries and flight becomes the only hope they have.

So it seems all the more absurd that numerous applicants for asylum in Austria are confronted with harassment and discrimination, have almost no chance of a fair trial, and are put into detention prior to deportation or are deported at the slightest suspicious discretion. This injustice is emphasized by the fact that applicants for asylum are, on the one hand, said to be criminals in general or that they engage in marriages on paper, and on the other hand, they have no chance to get a job or a place to live.

:: Taking Action

Ms. Bock realized many years ago that this was the situation. In the meantime her organization has become a social institution in Vienna that cannot be done without. Ute Bock’s Living Projects meanwhile accommodate 310 homeless applicants for asylum (as of 1 March, 2005). The Bock Ma’s Festival was established in 2005, not just to point out grievances, but to be an event where one could see and experience the meaning of assistance and support, become more informed about Ute Bock’s work and have one darn good time, all at once!

What makes our festival unique is that YOU are allowed to be an active participant! In other words, we need YOU! Everyone has the opportunity to contribute his or her talents in any way as they see fit. You can also do your part by just enjoying the festival – it’s all up to you!

Our motto is: Lend a hand!

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